When we visited Bogotá for the first time two years ago, we fell in love with the people, the culture, the city, and the beautiful Andes mountains standing guard around it.  We also fell in love with the neighborhood of Belmira – strategic ministry location, very safe, lovely patches of green grass, flowers, and trees in the middle of a huge city, etc.  But we knew we could never live here because in the past few years the prices have skyrocketed.

Fast-forward to February of this year.  The day after we arrived in Bogotá, a sign went up in the window of a townhouse in our beloved neighborhood.  We decided to call and see if maybe, just maybe, there was a chance.  To our amazement, the house was within our budget, and we were the only ones to have inquired about it.  Long story short, through God’s gracious answers to your prayers, we have rented a wonderful house in the very neighborhood we thought would be out of the question.  Here are some pictures of our new digs:

The outside of our building

The outside of our building.

Our living room, aka Edith's favorite place to nap the day away.

Our living room, aka Edith’s favorite place to nap the day away.

Our kitchen, complete with "dishwasher".

Our kitchen, complete with “dishwasher”.

Fox having a bath in the "tub".

Fox having a bath in the “tub”.


View of the street

View of the street

Another view

We love looking out and seeing the Andes mountains!